Permission to Pivot

Jenell Jones – It Only Takes One Person to Inspire You to Change Your Life
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Kayla McCaul
This podcast was created out of my desire to hear the stories of others that have made pivots in their life to create more happiness and joy. You will hear the most incredible stories about bravery, courage, and passion! Be ready to be inspired!

I had such a great conversation with Jenell today. She has reinvigorated me to get more involved in our community and our youth. Knowing how much impact her guidance counselor in college had on her is so amazing, it gave me goosebumps! After just being in survival mode for most of her young life she made a major pivot that changed the future for her and her daughter forever!! You are going to want to hear this!

Jenell is a seasoned solo RV traveler, taking to the open road with enthusiasm and purpose. With her hands firmly on the wheel of a 36-foot RV, she is no stranger to the challenges and joys of solo traveling.

In Jenell’s former life, she was a Major for a South Florida Law Enforcement agency.

She is an author, and a speaker, and has been featured in local, national, and international media many times. You can learn more about her lifestyle and adventures here