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Interview with Jenell Jones of wanderingindividualsnetwork.com
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Lisa Richart-Hernandez, George Hernandez
We travel the world meeting fun and interesting people everywhere, whether it’s in our 40ft RV towing our Jeep, a cruise, an all-inclusive resort or just getting away, we always have fun. A blended family, Lisa adopted George’s boys after his wife passed away and George and Lisa married. Making for 4 kids, 2 boys and 2 girls lots of crazy children raising stories and ideas. This podcast you will find great travel tips and stories, a little bid of real estate info and lots of great parenting advice….well…so far so good on the advice…none of the kids are in prison or anything..so I supposed that’s a good start! George is retired but Lisa owns View Properties Real Estate brokerage and has been a top producing agent for over 15 years. Learn about a work life balance, and navigating business from the road in their RV travels.

Listen to George and Lisa as they talk with Jenell Jones about her solo RV adventures.  Jenell has been solo RVing all around the United States, Canada and Mexico.  Jenell shares her experiences, her ups and downs as well as giving us some very useful advice and tips on how to make it on the road on your own.