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FR Ep #348 Lessons From Buying an RV and Driving Off Into the Wild Blue Yonder with Jenell Jones
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Feminine Roadmap Podcast is real talk for women 45+ about navigating the challenges and changes of midlife so they can rock the second half of life !

Today we are digging into Lessons from buying an RV and driving off into the wild blue yonder with Jenell Jones. Jenell is the owner of Wandering Individuals Network RV Club and lives full time traveling in her RV. The beauty of Jenell’s journey is that she began this solo traveling journey alone but found her tribe then bought the club that would connect them. In this conversation she talks about how to create the shifts you want in your life and being comfortable with it on your own terms. So often we rely on the input of others and meeting the expectations that have guided our lives up to this point but what if there is more for you? Jenell encourages listeners to take the time to get quiet and hold a space for the idea of what might be without judgement. She also believes that part of that process is to quit talking to everyone else about it and figure out what that is for you. Of course, this can take some time but as we come face to face with our dreams and doubts, we can decide what to do about it. Reinvention can look so different from person to person and this is why learning to be still and listen to what it is we really want is so important. Join us to hear more about how Jenell’s journey came about, the steps that led her there and what she has learned along the way. Her lessons are great clues to help you on your journey of reinvention so grab a cuppa something wonderful and let’s chat. https://wanderingindividualsnetwork.com