That Time I Won the Lottery

It all started with a million-dollar Prevost. Long before the RV life was on my radar, I
worked across the street from a dealership that sold Prevost’s. I assumed this was what
RVs were; big expensive buses. I eventually visited, took a tour and left knowing I wanted
an RV. There were some immediate challenges to this dream; the million-dollar price tag,
I didn’t know how to drive something that big, I had never been in an RV. And I was single;
I assumed this would be a big obstacle to RV travel.

Now that RVs were on my radar, I started noticing more of them and realized I didn’t have
to start with a 50-foot bus. I retire and still never having been in an RV and with no training
I buy a 30 foot pull behind trailer. I kept that for six months and traded it in on a Class C.
I was a much better driver by then and had learned so many lessons; watch for low tree
branches that will take everything off the roof, a McDonalds building is closer than you
think when turning and you must swing very wide in a gas station or you will jack knife
around the pumps.

After a trip to Alaska, by myself, I decide I am ready for a bus! I buy a 36-foot Class A and
drive straight to meet an RV group I had found online, the Wandering Individuals Network
(WINs). This group of solo RV travelers, literally changed my life. I had found my people.
I didn’t even realize I had not been living my best life. They showed me how to really
embrace the RV life style.

Fast forward three years and I find myself with the WINs in Utah. Several of us decide to
try for the Coyote Buttes hike, aka the Wave, lottery. In the northwest portion of the Paria
Canyon-Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness lies Coyote Buttes, an area of spectacular scenery
displaying domes, aprons, corridors, and a variety of small fragile rock sculptures carved
in a colorful swirling cross bedded sandstone.

In 2020 there were more than 200,000 attempts to win entry to the park, 0.03% get lucky.
Only 64 hikers a day can make the trip and it costs $7.00 every time you try. Several of
us make attempts for the lottery. And we won!

Six of us set off on a cold morning in May for the three-mile hike in. We reach our
destination and were completely in awe of what we are seeing. When is the last time you
had a true feeling of wonder and amazement? There are no words to describe the colors
and how the rocks are formed into waves. It is like this unimaginable, dramatic island was
dropped into the landscape. It begins and ends suddenly.

Lessons learned: You don’t have to buy a bus to start, just start. You probably should do
some research or you can just can learn as you go. Try for the one in a 200,000 chance
at something big. You can be single; enjoy your own company and find your people. It’s
never too late.

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